Computer Information Systems Syllabi

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CS1002-Help Desk Fundamentals.pdf
CS1003 - Beginning Computers and Technology.cfm
CS1103 - Microcomputer Operating Systems.html
CS1203-Introduction to Computer Concepts _ Applications.pdf
CS1303-Programming Logic and Design.pdf
CS1313-Programming Fundamentals.pdf
CS1413-Windows Server I.pdf
CS1423-Windows Server II.pdf
CS1503 - Desktop Publishing I.html
CS1503-Desktop Publishing I.pdf
CS1603 - Microcomputer Software Suites.html
CS1613 - Advanced Microcomputer Software Suites.html
CS1701 - Microcomputer Applications.html
CS1703 - Word Processing Applications.cfm
CS1713-CompTIA A+ Essentials.pdf
CS1723-CompTIA A+ Practical Applications.pdf
CS1733-Introduction to Information Technology.pdf
CS1813-Digital Video Production I.pdf
CS1903-Information Security.pdf
CS1914-Python Programming I.pdf
CS2103 - Advanced Computer Concepts and Applications.html
CS2123 - Digital Photography for Computer Graphics.html
CS2253-Computer Networking I.pdf
CS2263-Computer Networking II.pdf
CS2303-Computer Based Spreadsheets.pdf
CS2313 - Microcomputer Database Management.html
CS2453-Programming Language C .pdf
CS2503-Web Page Design I.pdf
CS2513-Digital Image Editing.pdf
CS2523-Computer Illustrations.pdf
CS2533-3D Modeling I.pdf
CS2543-Desktop Digital Video Editing I.pdf
CS2553-Web Page Design II.pdf
CS2573-Web Animation I.pdf
CS2583 - Digital Design Studio Suite.html
CS2593-3D Modeling II.pdf
CS2613-Advanced Digital Image Editing.pdf
CS2623-Sophomore Project Class.pdf
CS2633-Desktop Digital Video Editing II.pdf
CS2643-Web Animation II.pdf
CS2663-3D Game Texturing.pdf
CS2673-Typographic Design.pdf
CS2803-Computer Information Systems Internship I.pdf
CS2813-Computer Information Systems Internship II.pdf
CS2822-Current Issues in Information Technology I.pdf
CS2832-Current Issues in Information Technology II.pdf
CS2842-Current Issues in Information Technology III.pdf
CS2852-Current Issues in Information Technology IV.pdf
CSB1701 - Introduction to Web Animation.html
CSD1701 - MCA-Microsoft Access.html
CSE1701 - Introduction to Web Page Design.html
CSE1711 - Dreamweaver I.html
CSE1721 - Dreamweaver II.html
CSE1731- Dreamweaver III.html
CSF1701 - Basic Computer Fundamentals.html
CSH1701 - Introduction to Digital Photography.html
CSK1701 - Desktop Publishing Basics.html
CSO1701 - MCA-Microsoft Windows.html
CSO1703-Windows Operating System.pdf
CSP1701 - MCA-Microsoft Power Point.html
CSR1701 - Strategies-Internet Research.html
CSS1701- MCA-Microsoft Excel.html
CST1701 - Introduction to digital Image Editing.html
CSW1701 - MCA-Microsoft Word.html
CSX1701 - Exploring Issues-Info Tech.html
CSY1701 - Introduction to Tablet PC Technology.cfm
CSZ1701 - MCA-Microsoft Outlook.cfm