Agriculture Syllabi

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AG1001-Introduction to Agriculture.pdf
AG1101-Careers in Agriculture.pdf
AG1112 - Livestock Sales Management.html
AG1152-Agriculture Seminar I.pdf
AG1162-Agriculture Seminar II.pdf
AG1203 - Computer Applications in Agriculture.html
AG1233-Animal Science.pdf
AG1243-Principles of Livestock Nutrition.pdf
AG1261-Animal Science Lab.pdf
AG1603-Swine Production I.pdf
AG1702-Livestock Selection I.pdf
AG1712-Livestock Selection II.pdf
AG1713-Exploring Sustainable Agriculture.pdf
AG1714-Greenhouse Operations With Lab.pdf
AG1733-Meat Science.pdf
AG1753-Beef Production .pdf
AG1814-Integrated Pest Management with Lab.pdf
AG1902-Crops Judging Seminar I.pdf
AG1904-Crop Science Lecture with Lab.pdf
AG1914-Principles of Horticulture with Lab.pdf
AG2303-Marketing Specialty Crops Seminar.pdf
AG2401-Introduction to Futures and Options.pdf
AG2403-Vegetable Production Seminar.pdf
AG2413-Farm and Ranch Management.pdf
AG2423-Agriculture Economics.pdf
AG2443-Grain and Livestock Marketing.pdf
AG2504-Value-Added Agriculture Marketing with Lab.pdf
AG2713-Environmental Quality.pdf
AG2723-Weed Science.pdf
AG2902-Soils Judging Seminar I.pdf
AG2903-Soil Fertility and Fertilizers.pdf
AG2904-Soils with Lab.pdf
AG2913-Natural Resources Management.pdf
AG2952-Supervised Occupational Experience I.pdf
AG2962-Supervised Occupational Experience II.pdf
AG2972-Supervised Occupational Experience III.pdf
AG2982-Supervised Occupational Experience IV.pdf